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Studio Legale tributario Troiano e Associati


Studio Legale Tributario Troiano & Associati is a partnership between lawyers and chartered accountants with established knowledge and experience in the field of law and business. We stand prepared to assist clients in meeting all the challenges of today increasingly complex business environment.

The Firm is an independent organisation capable of providing advice and assistance in the fields of tax and business law, combining knowledge and experience with problem solving skills. Our advice is tailor-made for each client, be they multinationals, small or medium-sized companies.

The multidisciplinary resources of the Firm results from the highly specialised backgrounds of the Senior Partners. This ensures that clients receive legal and tax assistance to solve and effectively manage their specific issues, whether related to the operational day-to-day or to extraordinary capital events. Due to their renowned experience, the Partners of the Firm are often given business representation powers beyond the traditional scope.

The Senior Partners have envisaged a modus operandi that reflect the Italian economic context which is made up of small and medium-sized companies, for whom tax and legal advice is a key factor for growth, in terms not only of knowledge and experience but also of enhanced managerial efficiency, which combined are crucial levers for companies seeking to expand business in international markets.

The Firm is positioned to act as a global advisor with specialised skills, assisting companies in the start-up stage, providing customised solutions to optimise tax and corporate architecture and coordinating the professional expertise needed. In addition, a unique niche of the firm is to provide a point of reference for private equity operators and the so called "high net worth individuals". The Firm can bridge the knowledge gap that often exists between entrepreneurs and institutional investors.